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I’ve never done a top 5 blogs before, atleast i don’t think so. So here goes

1. Cuntadoodledo

Really awesome blog, i could actually reblog EVERYTHING all day but i don’t want to look like a freak! And she’s super pretty.

2. Aslanwillreturn

Amazingly cute Cora <333 Great friend with a great blog ;) Amazing singer too so check her out on soundcloud or youtube.

3. Bookofstories

One of the first people i remember following actually, got me into the Drums without realising! Really cool blog and an awesome music taste, she has AMAZING hair. She’s been going through a hard time recently so cheer her up :)

4. HawaiianAiir

We have so much in common, i wish i could reblog everything! Also one of the first blogs i followed, ah i love it!

5. NoahAndTheWhaleLove

I mean, okay, despite it being my own Noah and the Whale blog i do, ofcourse, ilove it. I’m quite proud of myself for the followers and very greatful. It takes me a LONG ass time finding pictures that are unique, no body else has used ect ect. There’s literally no space on my computer i have so many folders such as ”Noah Unused” just for you guys. Plus it’s one big Charlie fest so ofcourse it’s great.

October 10th
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